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Marzia Filipetto, Skin Expert

Spring is perfect for dedicating yourself to regeneration and skin care.

Precisely in this season we must combat the dehydration caused by cold winter temperatures, which can have a negative impact on skin ageing, also linked to indoor pollution, i.e. domestic pollution, due to heating or insufficient air exchange in rooms, to exterior caused by smog and smoke.

Stress, poor nutrition, smog, contribute to a progressive thickening of the stratum corneum, making the skin look and feel:

  • arid
  • dull and dull
  • dehydrated and flaky
  • not very elastic
  • rough to the touch and devoid of vitality

How do I recognize dry skin?

In dry skin, the hydrolipidic content of the stratum corneum is significantly lower than physiological values. Starting from this definition we can distinguish different types of dry skin:

Dry dehydrated skin literally "water deficiency" in which the deficit concerns the water component, which is important for the barrier function, for the protection from irritating agents and for the mechanical properties of the skin

Dry alipidic skin literally "lipid deficient" in which skin dryness is due to insufficient sebaceous secretion. The lower production of skin fats makes the skin more fragile and sensitive, subject to signs of aging

The situations described above often coexist, giving rise to a more complex variant of skin xerosis, known as dry, dehydrated, alipidic skin, in which the reduced sebum secretion is associated with a lower functionality of the apocrine and sweat glands and can, if not treated, degenerate into dermatitis.

What are the causes of dry skin?

Skin dehydration can depend on climatic, environmental, physiological and pathological factors or factors linked to the physical constitution that are not always easily identifiable. The causes most involved are:

  • Genetic predisposition and linked to its constitution
  • Aging and hormonal changes (menopause) often lead to a decrease in the activity of the sebaceous glands. Skin dehydration is favored by the progressive thinning of the epidermis, the alteration of the quality and quantity of the connective collagen fibers and the impoverishment of the hydrolipidic film.
  • Diet: Nutrition plays a major role in the appearance of the skin. An adequate intake of water undoubtedly contributes to maintaining skin elastic and in excellent condition. To hydrate the skin - thus avoiding dry skin - in addition to water, it is a good idea to guarantee the body the right amount of unsaturated fatty acids, proteins and amino acids, which are very important for ensuring the proper functioning of the components of the dermis.
  • Vitamin deficiencies: the deficiency of some vitamins (vitamin A in particular) can also cause dry skin. It is therefore important to guarantee an adequate vitamin supply to the body also (and not only) to keep the skin in full health.
  • Aggressive cosmetic products: prolonged use of aggressive, poor-quality or alcoholic cosmetics can deplete the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis, thus promoting dryness of the skin. Even too frequent washing - especially when carried out without the subsequent application of hydrating and emollient products - can negatively affect the level of hydration of the skin.

What can you do to combat dry skin?

In spring you easily feel a greater sense of tiredness and fatigue, it is in fact the most appropriate time to purify the liver from the toxins accumulated in winter.

It is essential to detoxify the skin through exfoliating and regenerating treatments , while your body needs purifying phytoextracts and an integration of vitamins and minerals . It is advisable increase physical activity , thus eliminating toxins and restarting the body to regain the sprint that characterizes the summer.

In a short time you will look at yourself in the mirror and smile again!

Beauty rituals to pamper yourself at home

  • We begin our wellness journey with a nice relaxing shower perhaps with lukewarm water to be alternated with cold jets for an energizing effect with Bagno Doccia Choose cleansing with Bagno Doccia it means caressing the entire skin of the body in a delicate way. A pleasant foam cleanses naturally, leaving the skin velvety and soft to the touch, thanks to vegetable proteins and Passionflower Oil. The exclusive combination of precious natural essential oils has a regenerating, stimulating, dermo-hygienic action which gives the product an enveloping and sensual natural fragrance. With pure Vitamin E, without preservatives, artificial colors, SLES or SLS.

  • Perform an exfoliating body scrub once a week with Elesilk, massaging gently and rinsing in the shower. It is a beauty ritual that stimulates the natural process of renewal and regeneration of the skin, eliminating dead cells on the surface. The result is smooth, luminous and above all soft skin! Elesilk improves the absorption of creams and makes the tan more homogeneous. Counteracts blemishes such as discolouration and ingrown hairs. Elesilk allows mechanical exfoliation, smoothing the skin without irritating, thanks to the organic extra-virgin olive oil, mixed with natural granules obtained from the organic olive stone. All its ingredients come from organic farming and thanks to the presence of organic aloe juice and vitamin E the skin appears visually more beautiful and firmer.

  • After the scrub apply BodyBi, a fresh hydrating and nourishing emulsion for the body, with a light and silky texture. It gives a pleasant revitalizing and toning sensation. Suitable for all skin types, you can also apply it morning and evening. BodyBi improves hydration, peripheral microcirculation, relieves tiredness and heaviness in the legs thanks to the skilful combination of the aqueous extract of Green Tea and the organic oils of Safflower and Jojoba. Clinical tests on a sample of 14 volunteers have shown that daily use improves skin hydration by +3.4% in just one week.

  • For an In&Out action e to complete the effectiveness of the beauty ritual take two capsules a day after meals Radical Stop. It is a natural supplement that constitutes a valid support for our daily diet . It enriches the diet with extremely important nutrients to maintain cellular integrity, fight aging and protects our body from the effects of radiation and environmental pollutants.

Particularly useful in the fight against free radicals are vitamins A, C and E which trap these highly reactive chemical species, protecting the structures of our body from their aggression.

Some substances widespread in nature are also extremely important, of which the plant extracts used in this supplement are particularly rich, such as tannins, flavonoids and polyphenolic compounds. The Sicilian red orange extract, particularly rich in these active ingredients, has a powerful anti-free radical action flanked by olive, grape, maritime pine and blueberry extracts. Zinc, copper and selenium, in synergy with vitamins and antioxidant substances, help neutralize the action of free radicals.

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