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This is where the conception, formulation and evaluation of efficacy and safety take place.

Between microscopes and test tubes, in the hands of our experts. The laboratories are divided by type: chemistry, microbiology, technique and effectiveness tests. In the BeC laboratories, experts deal daily with choosing between raw materials and evaluating their conservation, determining the content of nutritional principles in food supplements, evaluating the presence of impurities or allergens, evaluating the microbiological purity of raw materials and each production batch, studying the absorption of the active ingredients of cosmetic formulations through the human epidermis, to develop new formulations and test their stability and effectiveness.

The engine, the spirit of the company


Research is the starting point of BeC , the engine, the spirit of the company. BeC has been designing and producing its own brand for years, now recognized as synonymous with quality and reliability. Applied research is the basis for creating excellent products: an aspect that is often not fully known by the consumer but which is of great importance for us at BeC.

From analysis to development


The beating heart of the Company are the 4 laboratories equipped with sophisticated and modern scientific and technological instruments where a team of researchers, nutritionists and specialized experts operates daily for each of the steps ranging from conception to formulation, from analysis to development of each product. The quality of BeC products is continuously monitored, this is the first strong point that unequivocally outlines the high reliability of the information offered to customers. In an era of globalization there are very few companies that directly produce their own products: BeC is one of these. Every aspect of the products, from the idea to the formulation, from production to distribution and customer care after the sale, is created entirely by BeC.

scientific collaborations


Since 2003, the BeC research laboratories have been recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) as a private research body with the possibility of carrying out studies on behalf of third parties and scientific collaborations with companies and institutional subjects. BeC's concept of research and innovation is consolidated and also extends to its commitment in the academic world, since comparison is certainly the best stimulus to grow and always offer the best. BeC was the golden sponsor of the Master in Health and Dermofunctional Products (HNP) of the University of Ferrara and collaborates, through agreements for the development of degree theses and internships, with the Alma Mater University of Bologna, the University of Ferrara, the University of Padua and with the ITIS G. Marconi Industrial Technical Institute of Forlì.

Analysis, stability, efficacy and safety.


The BeC laboratories were created to support the group's cosmetic and nutritional production in the chemical, microbiological and efficacy fields. Since 2000, MIUR accreditation has given rise to a collaboration with the University of Bologna and Ferrara in terms of research in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical fields. The skills acquired are made available to anyone who wants to perform chemical, microbiological, efficacy, stability and safety analyzes on their samples.