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Discover the company's broad impact and constant presence in the media, through articles and publications in magazines and newspapers of national and international importance. Our ongoing dedication to innovation and excellence in the cosmetics industry has been recognized and celebrated by the trade press and mainstream media. In this section, you will have the opportunity to access a wide range of articles that highlight our initiatives, flagship products and our perspectives on the future of beauty. We are proud to share our journey with you through the words of journalists and industry experts. The press review represents a tribute to our commitment to excellence and a testimony to the enthusiasm that surrounds our brand.

La Repubblica

BeC, the beauty and health of the skin 40 years of history and sustainability

BeC, a company founded in 1982 in Forlì for which the health and beauty of the skin are a reason for daily investment, is blowing out 40 candles this year. There are two main lines: supplements (born in 1998) and cosmetics. The historical and main line is that of BeC Natura, born as a professional aesthetic line with over 60 products, and from the passion of the founding members for traditional oriental medicines (Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine), merged with the nineteenth-century Italian herbal tradition and French aromatherapy.

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Terra biocare launches MousseBi

The new organic cleanser for acne-prone skin from BeC which for 40 years has been a point of reference for made in Italy cosmeceutics that respects the skin and the environment.

BeC, a historic brand from Forlì founded in 1982 and which has been dedicated to the formulation and production of natural products and supplements for over forty years. The ingredients are selected and combined thanks to continuous and accurate laboratory research, with total respect for the environment and sustainable production processes.

La Repubblica

BeC research and innovation

The company offers natural supplements, but also lines of plant-based and organic cosmetics. Since 1982, in Forlì, a family-run company has been working to guarantee people's well-being: it is BeC, whose name derives from the two founders Elda Bedetti and Bruno Coliva. Since its inception, the business has always focused on the health and beauty of the skin, on which daily research in the laboratories still invests.

In Magazine

BeC research and innovation

Family business, production and distribution of natural cosmetics with 4 internal research laboratories in Forlì. In the heart of the Wellness Valley, it turns 40 in 2022.

The sun 24 hours

FOOD SUPPLEMENTS – Companies of excellence for values ​​and quality

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The new Lait Solè is a product born from the most recent studies of the historic Forlì laboratories; a tanning sun milk, designed to be combined with a cream with sun protection based on your phototype.

La Repubblica

Quality and research in all products
for a result of total well-being. The company offers natural supplements, but also lines of plant-based and organic cosmetics

Export Magazine

An important mission: to convey a new culture of cosmetics


Real green or greenwashing? Producing eco-sustainable cosmetics implies rigor and consistency.