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Oxidation is the reaction of cellular molecules with oxygen, from which free radicals are formed, waste products of metabolic reactions. Free radicals, in turn, attack our cells, giving rise to a chain reaction that causes damage to biomolecules and the aging of cells and tissues. A healthy organism is able to defend itself from the presence of free radicals thanks to antioxidant substances.

What is the action of antioxidants in anti-aging processes? An antioxidant molecule is capable of preventing the oxidation of other molecules, neutralizing the action of free radicals, which are transformed into molecules that are less harmful and easier to eliminate. Antioxidants in our body function as a defense system protecting us from free radicals and as a purification system.



Fundamental support for our daily diet as it enriches the diet with extremely important nutrients to maintain cellular integrity, fight aging, protect our organism from the effects of radiation and environmental pollutants and help prevent the many pathologies that occur have been demonstrated to be directly or indirectly linked to the action of free radicals (among these, for example cardiovascular disorders, liver diseases and some forms of cancer). Particularly useful in the fight against free radicals are vitamins A, C and E which trap these highly reactive chemical species, protecting the structures of our body from their aggression. Some substances widespread in nature are also extremely important, of which the plant extracts used in this supplement are particularly rich, such as tannins, bioflavoids and polyphenolic compounds. The Sicilian blood orange extract, particularly rich in these active ingredients, has a powerful anti-free radical action supported by olive, grape, maritime pine and blueberry extracts. Zinc, copper and selenium, in synergy with vitamins and antioxidant substances, help neutralize the action of free radicals.

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