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The immune system is the body's defense system, i.e. the array of small soldiers ready to defend us from harmful foreign substances, antigens . What are antigens? Antigens can be microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses. The immune system is the set of cells, organs and molecules with precise roles that cooperate to protect the body from infections . Physical health necessarily passes through a balanced immune system. There are thousands of factors such as stress, antibiotics, cold, seasonal changes, unregulated nutrition, which compromise and weaken the body.



Formulated to help the body in its natural defense against the aggression of viruses and bacteria responsible for diseases such as influenza, disorders affecting the respiratory system or the gastro-intestinal tract. For this purpose, various extracts of plant origin capable of stimulating the immune response have been researched and used; in fact, the immune system is able, through the action of specially prepared cells, to recognize and eliminate foreign agents, maintaining the integrity of the organism. The extracts of Echinacea, Withania somnifera, Uncaria and Turmeric phospholipids contribute to this action, which are therefore particularly suitable for preventing flu and colds and for promoting the recovery of a state of well-being. Withania somnifera, thanks to its adaptogenic properties, stimulates the body's recovery capacity, which is combined with the action of the B complex vitamins. Integration with the entire B group of vitamins helps maintain the balance of the intestinal and genital microflora and the balance of all the body's functions, particularly useful in the case of previous antibiotic intake. These actions are combined with the immuno-stimulating properties of vitamins C, E, A and D and zinc, with a powerful action against free radicals, which are formed in large quantities when the organism is subjected to stress, such as during states flu or inflammatory.

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