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Dr. Oriana Chinni, Cosmetic Formulator

There cellulite (or edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy) is not a simple one skin blemishes, but a complex of alterations more or less serious than subcutaneous tissue , often accompanied by localized fat and loss of tissue tone.

What does cellulite depend on?

Sex, ethnicity, heredity, hormonal imbalances, use of medications, sedentary lifestyle, diet, skin thickness, quantity and distribution of body fat, can influence the extent to which cellulite is present or visible.

Cellulite is a very complex process that cannot be reduced to the simple appearance of the so-called orange peel skin , but behind it hides a chain of events which is essential not to underestimate.

Fat cells or adipocytes they face a increase in volume resulting compression of blood vessels surrounding areas and a slowing of the blood circulation. This triggers the onset of one inflammatory state such as to cause a decrease in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the surrounding tissues, with a consequent increase in fluid stagnation. The local temperature drops, hard lumps form and the skin takes on its characteristic orange peel appearance.

How to fight cellulite?

An avant-garde cosmetic against the blemishes of cellulite must contain active ingredients that allow action on all these fronts, in order to simultaneously combat the proposed problems, from draining active ingredients , to those toning , elasticizing , vasotonic And lipolytic.

From this problem, i BeC laboratories they have always responded with the search for products that fully meet the needs of their customers. It was born like this SiluÈ, the new formulation against the skin blemishes of cellulite.
It's about a body cream rich in natural ingredients that can be applied both day and night, has a high smoothness, excellent absorption, silky texture obtained without the use of silicones. The skin appears more beautiful and more hydrated from the first applications, all this thanks to the presence of a pool of innovative and highly effective active ingredients, but let's look at them in a little more detail.

Thanks to the extracts of seaweed Fucus vesiculosu s [1] , rich in iodine, e with Pao Rosa extract , rich in pterocarpans, the SiluÈ stimulates the lipolysis and the local lipid metabolism . Also contributing to the lipolytic effect are methylxanthines, such as theophylline and caffeine [2] used in the form of a synergistic complex, capable of activate adipocyte metabolism resulting in metabolization of reserve lipids.

The Pao Rosa extract from Madagascar , 100% natural, also approved by organic certification bodies, brings a myriad of benefits by carrying out multiple functions : slows adipogenesis, a process that leads to the formation of new fat cells; inhibits lipogenesis, or the incorporation of lipids into adipocytes. Furthermore, it increases the lipolytic effect of the caffeine already present in the formula. This synergy of mechanisms allows you to have positive outcomes not only in the early stages of cellulite but even in the most advanced ones.

The anti-edema draining action is given by a mix of essential oils including Caraway, Juniper, Fennel, Lemon, Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary and Cloves which reduce edema ensuring an anti-inflammatory action local.

This activity is also supported by the properties of the extracts Centella Asiatica , rich in triterpenes, and Fenugreek , rich in polyphenols, which in addition to having a draining action also perform a vaso-protective action . The latter property is also made possible by Escin , a triterpene saponin extracted from horse chestnut and the essential oils of Thyme, Mint and Rosemary which make blood perfusion more homogeneous, favoring removal of toxins.

In addition to the lipolytic, draining and vasotonic active ingredients, SiluE' also contains active ingredients that improve skin elasticity as the vitamin E, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and olive unsaponifiable, and active ingredients that provide a improvement of skin hydration by 46% after just one month of treatment, as hyaluronic acid, isomerated saccharide and propanediol. The overall improving action, due to the good diffusion of the assets through the stratum corneum, is also made possible by a mechanism of indirect exfoliation, enzymatic, non-irritative , which accelerates the turnover cell phone, given by a vegetable lipophilic ester derived from Willow and Cumin , which also helps to make the skin exceptionally smooth and silky.

Cellulite does not appear in a day and is not eliminated in two weeks, so we are not here to offer you miracles but scientific data, obtained from our BeC research laboratories and from efficacy tests carried out on volunteers. Our goal is to guarantee the effect... and believe us, the effect is there and you can see it!

Let's learn to fully manage the health of our skin because true beauty will depend on it!


[1] Hexsel D, Orlandi C, Zechmeister do Prado D. Botanical extracts used in the treatment of cellulite . Dermatol Surg. 2005 Jul;31(7 Pt 2):866-72; discussion 872.
[2] Herman A, Herman AP. Caffeine's mechanisms of action and its cosmetic use. Skin Pharmacol Physiol. 2013;26(1):8-14.

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