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Dr. Giulia Leoni, Research and Development

Even if this beginning of May was a bit crazy, the beautiful season is on its way and with it the first sun and the inevitable desire to sunbathe!

A beautiful tanned skin always has a healthier and more seductive appearance , therefore, it is undeniable that the appeal is strong for everyone, both men and women! But we must not forget the good rules to follow to have a tan beautiful, long-lasting, but above all healthy.

From the right nutrition to cuddles on the body, there are some strategies which must be adopted immediately if you want to obtain it a healthy complexion and shine all summer long, and even after! Also because the sun, if taken with the right precautions and, above all, after having applied the protective cream, as well as giving beauty, it makes your mood and health better , thanks to vitamin D: a real panacea for the immune system.

Tanning tips: let's protect your skin

Wild tanning, in fact, as well as being out of fashion, is first and foremost harmful and has proven to be the main cause of premature skin aging. The key word for a perfect tan is gradually.

Let's not forget that tanning is a natural skin protection process and exposing oneself too quickly, for too long and with the skin not adequately prepared, can be cause of small defects , such as an uneven tan, up to much more serious problems, such as burns, erythema solar e photo-aging.

How to prepare for the sun?

Whatever your phototype, at least one month before of the exposure is highly recommended to do Stock up on antioxidant foods.

The easiest way to take these tanning elixirs is to follow a diet made from fruit and vegetables with red, yellow and orange peel and pulp. Have fun enjoying them raw, so as to maintain all their properties (even better if with the peel), in salads, smoothies, gazpacho and fruit salads.

Alternatively or in addition, you can then take, for at least 30 days, a specific supplement.

Radical Stop®by BeC, supplement of vitamins And mineral salts with plant extracts , is an important ally to counteract cellular aging processes induced by free radicals.
Pre-packaged in vegetable gelatin capsules, it is also ideal for vegetarians and vegans, it can represent a fundamental support to our daily diet.

[Specifications contained in product features]
They are particularly useful in the fight against free radicals vitamins A, C and E which trap these highly reactive chemical species, protecting the structures of our organism from their aggression.

Also fundamental are the plant extracts present inside Radical Stop®, like the extract of Blood oranges, olive trees, grapes, maritime pine and blueberry, particularly rich in natural substances such as tannins, bioflavoids and polyphenolic compounds, capable of neutralizing the action of free radicals.

It should also be remembered that diet and supplements do not replace protective cream , which must always be applied to avoid sunburn, rashes and wrinkles.

For prepare your skin for the sun , you can then also act from the outside. One scrubs deep, at least once a week, so as to free the epidermis from dead cells, it will make your skin smooth, free to breathe deeply and ready for exposure.

Geo green by BeC is a body mud based on natural silt with a dermo-purifying action, ideal for freeing yourself from patina winter, as it offers a delicate physiological peeling and delete all skin impurities which accumulated during the winter.

The special formula rich in vegetable oils and extracts It has a hydrating and trophic action, helping the renewal of the epidermis and leaving the skin silky and smooth. Furthermore, it is also excellent as a draining and adjuvant in the treatment of cellulite as, thanks to the extract of Ivy And Fucus , together with Birch and the Boswellia , model going to tone and firm ours silhouette , helping us to successfully reach the dreaded swimsuit test!

The final secret is to apply daily a good moisturizer and, at the end of a day at the beach, a after sun specific that it also helps to reduce any redness. If neglected, a tan fades quickly because the most superficial layers of the epidermis tend to continually renew themselves, eliminating dead cells.

Using a good one hydrating product from the first exposure to the sun, we can, however, slow down this process so as to keep our tan uniform and long-lasting.

There SÉ® body cream by BeC, thanks to its emollient and hydrating active ingredients, it helps to restore the physiological balance of the skin, in particular dry, dehydrated and chapped skin. A healthy, golden tan is achieved before exposing yourself to the sun. In view of the summer, start pampering yourself with specific and effective products so as to fully enjoy the benefits of the Sun and obtain a luminous tan that will be the envy of friends and relatives.

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