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100% natural candle with essential oils

The Ritual candle is a 100% natural product, made with soy and coconut wax, and with a wooden wick that burns with a natural crackling creating a warm hearth atmosphere. The natural fragrance has been specially created to promote relaxation, meditation and balance with one's source, creating the optimal conditions for a holistic treatment BeC Laboratories have used only natural essential oils: a Helichrysum accord with citrus notes, harmonized by a hint of sage and a floral and balsamic embrace. In fact, it is said that the scent of Helichrysum stimulates the intuitive part of our brain promoting meditation, creativity and personal growth, while citrus notes promote concentration and mental clarity harmonized by aromatic and floral notes to stimulate sensitivity and self-awareness. The packaging is made from recyclable natural materials and water-based paints.

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The Ritual candle is much more than just a candle, it is a promise of moments of relaxation and serenity, an experience that captures the magic of nature and reflects it in your home. 100% natural made with soy and coconut wax, this candle is the symbol of authenticity. Each lighting is an invitation to leave the chaos of the outside world behind, as its wooden wick burns with a natural crackle that lulls your senses . Create your own oasis of calm, discover the charm of an enveloping atmosphere and treat yourself to the luxury of moments of peace and well-being. The Ritual candle is the perfect companion for that daily ritual that brings you back to the essence of things.


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At the basis of every BeC formula is respect for the balance of our body and the planet in which we live.


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