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Dr Linda Togni, Naturopath

In this period of very high stress, uncertainty and instability, Practicing meditation and the presence of breathing helps you come into contact with your true essence. It is necessary to truly understand one's needs and ease tensions to create order and presence in the "here and now" of the body, mind and spirit.

Very often, in our lives, we move forward like automatons, like "war" machines without ever stopping. We don't ask ourselves how we are, what we feel, where we are going and with whom. This does nothing but increase our stress and anxiety in everyday life and the related psychosomatic problems.

Meditation brings us back to the present moment, making space for us among the thousand thoughts and limiting mental beliefs. A great Zen master teaches us when talking about breathing: "What we call I is only a door that opens and closes when we inhale and exhale. When we do Zazen, the mind follows the breath. When we inhale the air enters the internal world. When we exhale it comes out into the outside world .” The true intent of the practice is to observe things as they are and let everything go as it should, and for this reason focusing on breathing while we meditate is of great help. Let us remember the essence of our mind is pure and like water, it has waves and a mind crossed by waves is not disturbed, it is a mind amplified by various experiences ( S. Suzuki-roshi “Zen mind, beginner's mind” ).

Do you sometimes ask yourself how you are? What is your psycho-physical state of health today?

These are questions that as a woman and Naturopath I ask clients in consultancy. I try to make people aware that the quantity of life has increased, but the quality of healthy life has worsened! We live longer, but less healthy, because we do not put our mental health at the center in connection with the body to have global psycho-physical and energetic well-being. From numerous scientific researches, in fact, it emerges that 77% of the population suffers from stress, 33% complain of a state of chronic stress and 48% believe that stress has worsened in the last 5 years ( Statistical Brain Research Institute , of the American Institute of Stress, 2015).

 There are also numerous scientific articles indicating the many benefits of meditation for treating anxiety and chronic stress disorders. Such as, for example, a study on 70 adults with anxiety and anguish subjected to a stress reduction program, based on awareness and education and management of the same based on awareness interventions (meditation and mindfullness). This study has demonstrated, thanks to the analysis of stress reactivity, comparing distress and anxiety pre-treatment, during, and post-treatment (Trier Social Stress Test TSST), a significant reduction in anxiety, the reduction of adrenocorticotropic hormone ACTH and pro-inflammatory cytokines, and has demonstrated a reduction in stress markers as a combined hormonal and immunological proof and, therefore, that meditation and mindfulness practices can improve resilience to stress (National Institutes of Health, Hoge EA, et al. J Clin Psychiatry, 2018 ).

As a professional and popularizer of well-being, I would like to make you aware of the problems connected to stressful situations which almost always involve hyperactivation of the stress axis (increased blood levels, cortisol and norepinephrine) complicit in the onset of many pathologies or problems. The systems involved can be: the nervous system , metabolic, immune, reproductive, cardiovascular, increased risk of cancer and metastasis. Even that mental and psychic with problems psychosomatic (irritable bowel syndrome, dermatitis, fibriomyalgia, headaches, poor memory, menstrual pain) and for pregnant women, chronic stress can have repercussions on the unborn child and the fetus during pregnancy.


Even just 5 minutes a day of presence and meditation are enough to feel the long-term benefits. It requires practice and courage in wanting to get better to prevent certain situations from turning into something more serious.

 What is meditation?

 ATTENTION/PRESENCE with the present moment, brings us back to the “HERE and NOW”

 INCLUSION of any emotions or thoughts (not necessarily only positive); I experience any type of sensation without judgment

 CONCENTRATION on the breath (non-control of thought) while remaining focused in a sustained and prolonged manner over time on the object of attention

 CONTEMPLATION : observing through silence without judgement, "it is letting myself be, I observe life without pretensions"

 UNION: it is a higher state of consciousness and awareness that happens naturally without us realizing it and happens when we become one with our object of attention

What benefits does meditation have on the body, brain and emotions?

  • lowers cholesterol and hypertension
  • decreases stress and inflammatory state
  • improves blood supply to the brain
  • improves anxiety, depression, mental rumination and impulsivity
  • harmonizes the centering and clarity of thought
  • improves sleep, menstrual cycle, fertility
  • loosens muscular, nervous and psychological tensions
  • regulates the hormonal cycle (serotonin, gaba, endorphins, cortisol, melatonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin, dhea)
  • it influences the brain activities that control the painful stimulus by lowering its intensity and acts as a natural painkiller

In connection with meditation, there are holistic practices to rebalance the body and be more vital, such as, for example, foot reflexology and natural integration with Natural supplements which help relieve tension, stress, improve mood, promoting relaxation of body and mind .


The supplement Tranquilla Mente with plant extracts and micronutrients, it does not contain caffeine and helps to combat anxiety thanks to the presence of Valerian, Hawthorn, Passionflower and Linden extracts which stimulate GABA, the calm hormone and natural sedative. It's excellent adaptogenic mood tonic, thanks to the presence of Griffonia (elevates the levels of the happiness hormone Serotonin), carries out an muscle relaxant and antispasmodic thanks to the presence of Melissa which has a sedative and relaxing action on the gastro-intestinal mucosa, alleviating somatic stress disorders. It also performs an action antioxidant and neuroprotective, containing Ginkgo biloba associated with Vitamin C, E, A and B and the trace elements Copper, Zinc and Selenium which protect against oxidative stress.

During meditation (and also in everyday life at home or in the office) you can use the power of aromatherapy via a diffuser or by applying locally (topically) under the nostrils a balsamic essence of natural essential oils Sinergia SA to action expectorant, antimicrobial and decongestant for the respiratory tract . Sinergia SA contains a fine mix of pure essential oils, among which we find Cypress, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint and Scots Pine, Chamomile, Sage, Rosemary, Lemon, Geranium, essential oils with anti-inflammatory, mucolytic, decongestant, antimicrobial action , calming on the central nervous system.

At the end of your day, I also recommend a little cuddle “Ritual Bath” with Idrobagno iu for a bath/shower purifying and regenerating . It is a mixture of oils with a balsamic, skin-purifying power, which also stimulates peripheral and vasotonic circulation. Idrobagno iu contains a mixture of precious essential oils such as Juniper, Lavender, Sage, Thyme, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Niaouli, Marjoram, Cypress, Cloves, Peppermint which have a balsamic, draining, anti-inflammatory, skin-purifying, soothing, antimicrobial power.

If you feel stress, it's time for meditation and breathing to eliminate anxiety!

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