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Dr. Linda Togni, Naturopath

Summer is over and our body must prepare for a seasonal evolution! Let's try to take this change with enthusiasm and energy so as to start the autumn with a sprint.

For Chinese medicine, the transition from summer to autumn is connected to the earth element, the mother element, and is in fact also called the "middle season". For this reason the Chinese place it at the center of the generation and evolution scheme of the 5 elements. Represents the period of preparation for the transition from a yang season such as summer to a small yin (growing yin) season of autumn.

The Earth Element corresponds precisely to that adaptation phase, that middle phase in which adaptation to new living conditions, food, weather, work rhythms, hours of light, projects, etc. takes place.

For this reason, given that autumn is a time for transformations , it is important to follow some advice to best accompany this psycho-physical evolution.

Simple and practical advice to start autumn quickly:

  • We cleanse the body of psycho-physical toxins in order to then better welcome the new. Drink warm water every morning to facilitate the disposal of waste and follow the seasonality of foods. Less sugar and more cooked vegetables, vegetable broths and light meals, treat yourself to relaxing and draining massages. Try the dietary supplement Depur Plus, a vitamin and mineral salt supplement with plant extracts that promotes the drainage of liquids, purification, microcirculation and reduces heaviness in the legs. Inside we find extracts of: Birch, Cranberry, Juniper and other wonderful plants that help eliminate toxins.
  • Spleen, pancreas and stomach are the organs connected to the earth element. If the latter go out of balance due to stress and/or an unregulated diet, they can cause some problems, such as bloating and digestive difficulties. In fact, at the end of summer, many of us had these symptoms. To overcome this, as mentioned before, eat sweeter vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, cabbage, onions and cereals. Chew more slowly to aid digestion. The supplement Epo Stim helps digestion and purification. Inside we find plants such as: Milk Thistle, Gentian and Artichoke which help the metabolic and detoxification processes that take place in the liver and which are fundamental for maintaining the well-being of the entire organism.
  • Take a pen and paper, write down what you want to evolve, what to keep and what you want to let go. Let go of toxic relationships and open up with trust and proactiveness. In addition to the list, you could dedicate yourself to decluttering your home and wardrobe, eliminating the superfluous and what no longer resonates with you.
  • Helps the skin detoxify and renew itself thanks to rituals with specific products. Make a Purifying Face Mask with Ripura, at least once a week. It is a soothing, regenerating mask that removes excessive sebaceous secretions from the scalp as well. Particularly Ripura detoxifies the skin by removing toxins and impurities. Mimosa extract and organic aloe juice promote the turnover of the epidermis. Butcher's broom extract and vitamin E, on the other hand, help make the skin more toned and compact. Organic helichrysum essential oil has a calming, soothing and anti-reddening effect on dermatitis, eczema and imperfections, as well as having precious healing and repairing properties. After the mask, use the rebalancing cream PuraBi, born from the combination of aqueous Hamamelis extract and Jojoba and Sunflower oils with a high content of linoleic acid. Ideal for combination and impure skin, to be used in the morning.
  • Obviously, don't forget about physical movement, never abandon it! Always do it consciously but keep your body active! It will do you good not only physically but also mentally. Movement helps eliminate some excessive swelling accumulated due to stress and a sedentary lifestyle. And to reduce liquids and swelling you can massage the cream on your legs, buttocks and stomach  SiluE', with an intensive slimming and reducing action day and night, stimulates the drainage of liquids, reducing swelling.
  • Furthermore, for the cellular renewal of the body try the smoothing, activating and purifying body scrub mask Elesik. A real treat to do once a week. It is a gel based on organic extra-virgin olive oil which provides a light and delicate scrub thanks to the presence of natural granules obtained from organic olive stones. It stimulates the metabolism and drainage of liquids, making it an excellent adjuvant in anti-cellulite treatments.
  • Approach practicing relaxation and/or meditation techniques. It doesn't matter how much or how, the important thing is to dedicate even 5 minutes a day at any time to do exercises that help you have greater serenity and connection with your breathing and your body. This is to protect you and distance yourself from daily stress and hectic life. You could try this exercise whenever you want, especially when you feel overwhelmed by stress, using the products spaziotempo. Vibrational aromatic water Risveglio it gives you energy, awareness and enthusiasm in moments of tiredness.

Put your hands in your heart, close your eyes, Spray the Vibrational Water on your head and heart and take three deep breaths. With each breath, imagine throwing out all the toxins and tensions with your mouth. Visualize a golden bubble of protection around you that surrounds you and supports you, you are inside the bubble and are not easily attacked by negative external situations and energies. Give thanks to life and the earth. Open your eyes again and continue your day with more serenity and peace.

Happy autumn!

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